What you need to know about coffee and tea cups

Traditionally, but also in some modern homes, tea time is sacred. There are rules of etiquette that must be followed and proper etiquette must prevail. While many people also follow these rules, the same rules do not usually apply to coffee. The cup you choose for each beverage reflects your experience with it. What is the difference between tea and coffee mugs?  Out all about tea and coffee mugs in this article.

Which coffee mug to choose and how to use it properly?

Regardless of the type of coffee, we rarely think about the importance of a good cup. Like the French coffee mug that have been specially designed to enjoy your hot drinks. The choice of the cup, its shape and the material it is made of influence the final result. The same goes for the temperature of the cup when making coffee. So make sure the cup is the right size for the drink, the right composition and temperature, and the right shape. This is the greatest pleasure for those who love depth.

What is the difference between coffee mugs and tea mugs?

For coffee, some people prefer ceramic cups with a coarse texture so that the coffee stays strong and burns intensely. However, laymen still use ceramic mugs to account for the soft and light texture of coffee. Most coffee novices often confuse coffee cups with black tea cups when choosing their cups. To soften the taste of black tea and bring out its color, the bottom of the cup is usually flat, the neck is wide and the light transmission is high. To clean a teacup, rinse it with water immediately after drinking coffee. On the other hand, salts on the surface of coffee cups that have been used for a long time and not rinsed in time can be removed by soaking them in lemon juice.