What is time management and how to organize your life?

Let's start with a very simple definition: To manage your time is to plan your day (your week, your month or even your year), define priorities, organize these priorities according to their importance and take action.  In a nutshell, time management boils down to planning, identifying, organizing and taking action.

 Why manage your time

Have you ever found yourself (at the end of the day) asking yourself one of the following questions: But what did I do with my day?  What did I do that was really important today?

The problem is that we are increasingly overloaded with a lot of information and tasks.  The worst part is that we try to do it all at once instead of just focusing on the most important.  And yet we should only focus on the essentials and ignore the rest. For more information, visit the site.

And while it can be difficult to give up all those bad habits you've developed over the years, know that better time management will always have positive consequences on your stress, your health, your productivity and  above all, your happiness.

 But how do you manage your time

Here are some practical tips that will get you more done in less time, with less effort.

As I said above, the secret to time management and organization lies in eliminating distractions.  You can plan your workday perfectly, set your priorities in the right order, but if you're constantly interrupted by distractions (emails, instant messaging, mobile phones, tablets, RSS feeds, social media, forums and more) you won't  will never be productive.

Define the tool that will allow you to complete your task in less time and forget about the others.  Don't complicate your life with new gadgets.  You will have time to consult them in your free hours.

Multitasking is a waste of time.  In addition, you will never be effective with this approach.  How much attention (focus) you give to a task will always define the quality of the end result.  Accept the reality once and for all: You cannot do two things at the same time with the same efficiency.

Here !  We hope this article will help you to organize his working time and his life. Without action, all planning would be for nothing.