What do you need to know about a medical aircraft?

In the event of complications during medical treatment, a medical aircraft is often used to quickly evacuate a patient. Find out what a medical aircraft is in this article.

 Medical aircraft and benefits

A medical aircraft, also called a medical plane, is a turboprop jet that is made up of intensive care equipment and whose services are exclusively medical in nature. Discover some of the medical aircraft here https://medevacexpress.com/.

The medical jet is used to evacuate a patient in critical condition quickly and without delay. In addition, medical assistance services are available to the patient to ensure a thorough follow-up and a comfortable flight throughout the journey.

A medical aircraft, in addition to being mostly available, guarantees a safe flight and a low altitude flight so that the cabin pressure is similar to that of the ground. In the event of a serious complication during the journey, the medical aircraft has the possibility to land in order to submit the patient to the nearest possible adequate health services.

 Medical equipment of a medical aircraft

The equipment of a medical aircraft includes

  • An intensive care unit with a mattress for patient comfort and a patient loading system
  • An artificial aspirator in case of respiratory difficulties or complex
  • A centralized oxygen tank and an additional tank next to it
  • A multi-functional electrocardiogram to monitor his cardiac system
  • A medical transport monitor
  • A defibrillator or compact monitoring system
  • A pulse oximeter and blood analyser
  • A satellite phone to maintain communication with the outside world

Price of a medical airlift

There is no standard price for transport on medical aircraft. However, there are some factors to be taken into account, such as the route of the flight, the nature of the flight depending on whether it is planned for the long or short term, the condition of the patient and the number of people available to the patient during the journey.

Complications often arise during a health care operation. In order to evacuate the patient quickly, medical aircraft are often used.