Tips for finding the owner of a collarless dog

Flooding animal shelters, it is possible to come across collarless dogs wandering around the city without their owner. So, in order to find the rightful owner of a collarless dog, it is wise to follow a few essential steps. Here is an article on the best way to reunite a collarless dog with its owner as soon as possible.

Contacting animal control in the local community 

To reunite a lost uncollared dog with its owner, it is important to contact animal control in the local community. For more information on this subject, i was reading this. Animal control not only protects pets, but also addresses the safety and health concerns of lost uncollared dogs. By contacting or informing this animal shelter, you have the possibility to find the owner of the stray animal without a collar. Since the first reaction of the owners in case of a missing dog is to report it to the animal control. Thus, by referring to the information registered in their animal database, animal control calls the legitimate owner of the uncollared animal for identification.

Disseminate leaflets in your environment

The other thing you can do to connect a lost uncollared dog with its owner is to post flyers in the area where you found the animal. So, by distributing the lost collarless dog information flyers online, at local vets' offices, on social media, at leisure centres and on Craigslist, you have a better chance of reaching the rightful owner. In addition, to find the owner of a lost dog without a collar, you can also go to the local vets office. Because pet owners, in case their dog goes missing without a collar, often rush to the vets' offices. In addition, the other place to visit to reunite a lost dog without a collar is the animal shelters.