The essentials to know about Black Friday 2022

Like last year, Black Friday 2022 returns to bring you even more discounts. This year, the day dedicated to discounts falls on Friday, November 25, 2022. During Black Friday, you can make incredible savings. This is a period during which all the biggest brands offer you incredible promotional offers. Discover here the key information to know about this movement.

When will Black Friday 2022 take place ?

Black Friday begins this year on Friday, November 25 at midnight on the Internet. Black Friday lasts only 24 hours, which means that you only have Friday to take advantage of the discounts offered by the platforms. Indeed, before D-Day, many brands are launching promotions from Monday, November 21, that is to say from the start of Black Week. These promotions are called Deals-blackfriday. So you can get bargains for a whole week and shop at reduced prices. Online shopping sites offer you incredible discounts during Black Friday. All categories of the largest e-commerce site are on sale.

Admittedly, Black Friday Week promotions have already started on dedicated platforms, but it’s Friday that you’ll find real nuggets. Either way, waste no time, head over to these sites for the best Black Friday Amazon deals in 2022 by typing in You will have all the information you want.

Prices come before quality

Black Friday’s low prices mean shopkeepers tend to overlook the quality of items : since price is what attracts customers, they fill their inventory with cheap, low-quality items, often designed in Asian factories to the detriment of workers’ well-being. Indeed, to guarantee a high level of quality and decent working conditions, you have to pay more. If you are looking for items that you can keep for a long time, Black Friday is not the best time to shop. However, shopping during Black Friday can save money, but not without some major drawbacks. It’s up to you to evaluate according to your budget, your needs as well as your preferences and your convictions to make the decision that suits you best.