How to choose a laptop battery?

The battery of a laptop is without doubt a part that is very necessary. And to see it inactive or damaged, is a blow not only to the computer but also to the users who see their daily life becoming heavier and reduced to one thought: change the battery. But how do you do it? How do you choose a battery that is compatible with your PC? This article will try to answer these questions.

What is a laptop battery and what are its characteristics?

A laptop battery is a rechargeable battery that can be integrated into a computer. Created in two models, the easily removable one and the one enclosed in the lower case part of the computer, they are frequently used to power the computer. In addition to these two models, there is another external battery that connects to the computer via a USB cable or a power cable. Made from Lithium-Ion for some computers and Li-Polymer for others, these computers have been on the market since 2010 and have conquered the world because of the advantages they offer. Indeed, they offer a very good ratio in power and weight, they recharge at 100% and are safe. These batteries, which can be found on sites such as, are equipped with new technology that is quite powerful. However, what should we look at to choose the right battery?

What information should we look for before choosing a battery?

To choose a battery, you should pay attention to a few essential notions to ensure the quality and compatibility of the charger. Thus, you need to see: - The voltage which is expressed in Volt (V) - The amount of electricity, which is expressed in ampere hours (Ah) or milliampere hours (mAh) - The energy, which is expressed in watt-hours (Wh) These notes must be read before any purchase. You should also pay attention to a fourth variable that is just as important as the others. This is the number of cells. It often varies between 2 and 8. This number of cells represents the number of independent energy modules in a battery. In other words, it is the number of cells that a battery has. So you understand that the more cells, the better. So, when choosing a battery, think clearly in terms of power and autonomy. Never limit yourself to a 30-minute battery. This is not recommended. However, 2 hours or more is acceptable. But it all depends on how you will use the computer.