All about CEO K11's project : Adrian Cheng

Chinese people are very conservative in general. They are extremely strategic people. Whether it's education, culture, consumption or whatever, the Chinese validate more the promotion of local products. So it is always in this vision that the CEO of K11 realizes the Chinese silicon valley. Let's discover this fabulous project that dazzles the world.

What does the project consist of?

As said a little earlier in this article, local consumption is an advantage for the manufacturer. Economically, ecologically or otherwise. That's why Adrian Cheng, the young forty-year-old decided to perpetuate this Chinese principle of local consumption with a rather original idea. The project consists in gathering at least three axes in one. To this end, the Victoria Dockside becomes a center not only commercial, but also cultural and artistic. The objective of the CEO of New World Development is to create a new world that is totally independent and brings together a creativity ahead of time. To his project of modernizing the commercial world, the Harvard graduate associates innovative cultural, social and technological ideas with a sustainable objective. However, the project is not limited to Chinese products. It is expanding to include international items as well. Thus, the building contains hundreds of workshops with a remarkable architecture, intended for articles of all brands. What is the status of this project today?

What is the final outcome of the cultural-social-commercial project?

Finally, this project took shape a year ago. By the way, it is now the most internationally known art and design department. In fact, the imposing building complex is now the center of art, architecture, technology, nature, commerce and so on. In addition to all this, the giant K11 also provides its customers with numerous courses in the center. Finally, the manager of the New World Development does not intend to stop there. Other projects which aim to promote K11 in all China, are to come in the near future.