3 criteria to check before buying leather shoes

Price, color and size are often the only criteria taken into account when buying men's dress shoes. However, it seems risky to choose richelieu shoes, boots or moccasins in the same way as a pair of sneakers! Discover the three essential criteria for buying quality men's dress shoes.

Leather quality

Black or brown leather? This is often the only question that occupies men in search of a beautiful pair of leather shoes. If the color remains important to shape a harmonious look, the quality of the leather is also essential. It is recommended to choose full grain leather over split leather. By visiting eRowzFinder you will discover the best quality shoes. 

Indeed, full grain leather refers to a leather that has retained all the dermis and whose grain has not been damaged by sanding. As for the choice of the animal, the calf is a good compromise between flexibility and resistance. Excluding exotic leathers, it is the number 1 choice for making beautiful pairs of leather shoes.

The quality of the sole

A pair of shoes without soles, impossible! Yet few men pay attention to the fitting of the sole when buying a pair of shoes. To keep your ankle boots, your pair of richelieu or your derbies as long as possible, it is recommended to choose a sewn sole and not glued. 

A simple way to know if the sole is sewn is to put your hand inside. If you feel a seam, you are in the presence of a Blake assembly. For a Goodyear or Norwegian stitch you should see, at least, the small stitch that goes around the shoe.

Same shoe heels

Regardless of the price of your pair of men's dress shoes, consider comparing the heels on each shoe. This means checking to see if the width and height of the two heels are the same to make sure you're getting the most comfortable walking experience. Even with high-priced leather shoes, you can get surprises! By putting the shoes back to back, check that the heels have the same height.