Johnson & Johnson vaccine awaiting approval from the FDA

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which would require only one shot unlike the Pfizer-BionNTech and Moderna- vaccine, is awaiting approval from the food and drug administration (FDA). If it's granted approval, it would be distributed among American states in the coming weeks. 

An executive from the company said it expects to move almost 4 million doses when it gets approval from the FDA. 

Johnson & Johnson vaccine will improve US vaccination efforts 

The vaccine-if approved- will greatly boost the chances of the United States in battling the coronavirus pandemic and improving its economy from the historically low levels it has been experiencing. 

Jeffrey Zients, the president's COVID-19 counselor, said production at Johnson's & Johnson's facilities was delayed during the former president's tenure. He added the recent progress is encouraging and that the US government will work with the company is ramping up its production and delivery efforts. 

According to reports from the FDA, the vaccine looks "safe and effective" and that no side effects came up during its trial run.  

Johnson & Johnson to deliver up to 100million doses 

According to the press briefing with Zients, Johnson & Johnson is expected to deliver up to a 100million doses by the beginning of August. He added that efforts to increase the number of vaccines produced are underway. 

Zients assured state governments that they would be sent the first 2 million doses of the vaccine. The representative added that the remaining vaccines will be sent directly to federal pharmacies and community health centers.  

Coronavirus cases in the United States have reduced 

US officials said the number of COVID-19 cases in the US has reduced. Even with the reduction in coronavirus numbers, health officials are still urging people to follow safety protocols such as wearing their masks in public and using sanitizers. 

President Biden's team also announced that it would ensure masks are available in non-affluent public spaces like food banks and community health centers.